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As a friend of NixonMcInnes we thought you might find it useful if we shared an occasional round-up of stuff we like, stuff we do and stuff we’re planning.

2012 was exhausting and exciting. We hosted a conference on the future of 21st century business called Meaning. We moved offices. We hired some new people. We said goodbye to some people. And of course did lots of interesting work with our clients.
Here’s a selection of things we've seen and think will be interesting to you:
A Government Digital Services post on people management in an agile setting, and the evolving role of the manager. Scroll down to see Max's thoughts in the comment section. Find out more
Meaning speaker Stowe Boyd references two posts to explore the need to disconnect to focus. We've been training clients in 'continuos partial attention' for the past few years and find these posts fascinating. Find out more
How fashion brand Burberry are using social software to blur the lines between internal and external. Find out more
Lastly, a short post from Seth Godin on how workers need to reclaim agency and find meaning - something very close to our hearts at NixonMcInnes. Find out more
Five top tips for those about to take the leap into internal social networking. And hear how Aviva Investors survived their own journey into the unknown.
How assistance staff at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are adopting new behaviours and internal practices to deliver their services in the face of digital disruption. By helping them to embrace social from the inside out NM’s work with Consular services is changing the way it works to support Brits abroad.
  Calling all social customer service practitioners. It’s not too late to apply for a place at our next roundtable event. This, the second in the series, will connect peers from across different organisations to enable sharing of experiences and ideas.

Practitioners from WWF, Nectar, FCO, FGW and Conversocial met in November at the first event. See what you missed - the highlights and learnings are available here.

Email to apply for a place at the table on 24th January at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

In February we’ll be inviting practitioners to join a discussion around Social CRM. Watch this space for more NM 2013 roundtable news.
If you’re feeling in need of some inspiration for the challenges ahead this year then look no further. There are 10 awesome talks from our October 2012 conference Meaning ready to be devoured. Topics range from happiness at work to the future of capitalism. But if you only have time to watch one then make sure it’s this one from Pam Warhurst OBE. The project she founded which turned a small northern town into an international eco-tourist destination exemplifies how a small change in behaviour can lead to great things. Prepare to be inspired!