Heinz Zero Touch | Navigating the new OOH landscape and changing consumer attitudes

What are the top things consumers don’t want to touch when they dine out?


As we return to pubs, restaurants and cafés, we want to feel safe. It’s important that operators meet the changing needs of the consumer, as hygiene moves up the priority scale. Limiting touch points is one of the most important ways a venue can do this.

Consumers who eat out would reather avoid touching things altogether

Read our new report, exploring how consumers are feeling about the return to eating out of home. Zero Touch: Navigating the new OOH Landscape and Changing Consumer Attitudes provides valuable new insight into the reassurances that consumers are looking for from a hygiene perspective and identifies key areas and opportunities for operators as they begin to navigate the new normal.

55% of consumers are not confident that hygiene measures out of home are sufficient

We want to help operators big and small to keep consumers safe, boost sales and increase chances of a return visit.


Kraft Heinz Zero Touch, our new contactless sauce dispenser, is just one way that we can help businesses meet the needs of today’s diners.

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