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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Motivve Studios and their game suite?

Motivve Studios was designed to make engaging you with you health more fun and accessible. We offer an entire suite of fun, and easy-to-use mobile games that incentivize and promote improved health, engagement, and convenient access to helpful resources delivered through Trivia and personalized health-based Missions that are provided to you by Motivve Studios and our partnered organization.

Who is eligible to participate?

The Motivve Studios game suite is only available to Medical Mutual and Bravo Wellness employees who are on the Medical Mutual health plan. Check with Medical Mutual or your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

Is the Motivve Studios game suite free to play?

The Motivve Studios game suite is entirely free to play, and you will never see any advertisements.

How do I sign up and register an account with Motivve Studios?

"You will be notified of your access to the program through ongoing marketing and communication materials from Medical Mutual via email, MMO Mondays and/or PartnerNet with information and instructions on how to get started. Within the marketing and communication materials or on the supporting website, you will be provided a QR Code and Activation Code associated to Medical Mutual. To get started, scan the QR code to be brought to the Motivve Health Studios app store on your device, or by searching Motivve Health Studios on your phone's app store.

Once on the Motivve Health Studios app store page, simply find and download the game of your choice to start registration. On your first visit to a Motivve Studios game, you'll need to register. You'll first enter the Activation Code provided in the communication materials, then follow the registration instructions to create your User ID (email / password or by using social login), and then verify your account by providing required information used to identify your eligibility that may include your name, health plan ID and date of birth.

Once registered, you'll be brought to the home screen of the game you registered in and you're ready to go. You can dive right-in and play that game, have a look around, or download and access any game within our suite using the same registration information and/or credentials. "

What is the activation code for this program?

The activation code for this program is: medmutual

What is the purpose of the "Trivia"?

The purpose of Trivia is to help improve your health knowledge, introduce you to the availablity of helpful information & resources, and occasionally conduct surveys to help you better manage your health. Every Trivia question is incentivized with tickets for answering correctly, with the ability to earn more the faster you answer. Within our game suite, Trivia replaces typical annoying & intrusive advertisements.

Is there a desktop version of Motivve Studios games available?

At this time, no. Our suite of game applications are available for mobile phones & tablet devices. Both Apple iOS and Android mobile apps are available for download.

If i'm a new employee to Medical Mutual or Bravo Wellness, am I eligible to sign-up immediately?

In order to be eligible for the program with access to the Motivve Studios game suite, you first must have selected in enrolled in one of the eligible health plans offered to your by Medical Mutual. Once you have selected and enrolled in a health plan, you will be eligible to sign-up on the 1st & 15th of every subsequent month. If you became an employee and enrolled between the 1st and 14th of a given month, you will be eligible to register on the 15th. If you became an employee and enrolled between the 15th and last day of a given month, you will be eligible to register on the 1st of the next month.

How can I contact support if I have questions about my the Motivve Studios game suite?

If you have any questions pertaining to Motivve Studios game suite including your access, your account, the games, discrepancies, or any other issue please contact Motivve Studios at or by selecting Contact Us in applicable areas while in game.

What if I can't remember the email address used to register for Motivve Studios?

Not a problem. Just send an email to, and we will work with you to verify your account and help you regain access to your account. You will need to know the organization you are associated with, and various credentials used to register your account.

Do I have to register with a specific game?

No. Find a game you like, download, and follow the registration instructions detailed under the "How do I sign up and register an account with Motivve Studios?" FAQ, and you are in. Once you have registered a Motivve Studios account, you can download any game within our game suite and use the same User ID, login information and/or credentials to play.

Can I use the same Motivve Studios account for multiple games or across the whole game suite?

"Yes! You can use the same User ID (email and password), login information and/or credentials to log into any Motivve Studios game, on any device.

Your activity and ticket balance syncs across any Motivve Studios game you are logged into. This means that if you earned tickets and completed a Mission while playing one game, you can instantly use another game and your entire ticket balance and Mission history will be available from any game."

Are all of the games in one app or are they separate applications?

To save space on your phone and create a better user experience, each game is its own separate application available for download.

What is the purpose of the available resources and TOOLS in the Motivve Studios game suite?

The lack of accessibility, awareness and use of potentially beneficial health resources is a problem, so we wanted to make it easier while doing something you enjoy. Our platform aggregates organization specific resources and makes them as easy as possible to access across the Motivve Studios game suite (Tools).

What is a Mission?

A Mission is a personalized health activity that can be either completed in-game, digitally, or in-person that is incentivized in your Motivve Studios account, no matter the game. Mission recommendations are made specifically for you and your individual health needs.

How do I enter the monthly prize drawing?

You are automatically entered with the tickets you have earned & accumulated from various ticket awarding activities by completing Missions and answering in-game Trivia.

Does Motivve Studios share my information with anyone?

Your information is confidential. For details, please see Motivve Studios Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found on the website and under the Legal section of the My Account tab in any game.

Is Motivve Studios safe and secure?

Yes. Data security is among Motivve Studios highest priorities, and as such we manage information security by applying a framework that is based on ISO 27001/27002, NIST CSF, CIS Top-20 & CERT. Motivve Studios has been assessed against the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) & HiTECH, as well as having been certified by HiTRUST & NIST to ensure the highest level of security commercially availability.